Dear Customers and friends,

Like all other pubs in the UK, we are temporarily shutting our doors to the public for an unknown period of time. However, we would still like to serve the local community as best we can which is why we are offering our services for those amongst us who are vulnerable, or who are currently self isolating. We are available to anyone who needs us to run errands or get vital supplies to anyone within the area outlined below. 

Although social distancing can be boring, we can keep you jolly with our wine delivery service. Give us a call and order some of our wonderful wine to your door. Below is map of our delivery area, we will be running this service between 1pm-7pm every day. Card payments will be taken over the phone to avoid any money handling and we will be encouraging hygienic delivery methods.

Call us on 07552656363

Stay safe & thanks for supporting your local independent business!

The Sekforde Team