About Us

The Sekforde opened as a public house in 1829 and remained open without a break for 176 years until it temporarily closed for a much needed re- development, repairs and restoration in 2015. It re-opened just before Christmas of 2017. The architects were the famous practice of Chris Dyson and Associates. The Magnificent Basement Company Limited carried out the redevelopment work under the leadership of its director and structural engineer Hadi Sarmadi.

The Sekforde stands at the confluence of two historic and unspoilt early 19th century streets (Woodbridge Street and Sekforde Street) in the heart of Clerkenwell London. The historic building has been tied to a beautiful new extension by a striking glass atrium. The artist Anthony Eyton RA has crafted a beautiful quadriptych which hangs on the far wall of the atrium.

The restored pub captures all the charm of a late Georgian pub but also offers the very best in modern facilities. It is privately owned freehold that as such offers a large variety of craft beers,  lagers, ales and wonderful French wines. Our wines our proudly supplied by our friends at St John’s restaurant just a few hundred yards away. Their french grapes are picked and blended to a high standard created some superb wines.


At The Sekforde we are very proud of our ground source heating and cooling system. This system means we use roughly 15% of the energy of a conventional pub of our size. Using this system as a starting point we want to become the greenest pub in London and are constantly aiming to eliminate all plastics and food waste.

We aim to be more than just a pub. We currently host debates and lectures on some of the most difficult political, moral and scientific subjects of our time. These debates and lectures are free and provided for people who have a specific knowledge or interest in the area being discussed. These lectured are recorded and will soon be hosted on this website in order to inform and educate a wider audience. But our aim is to do more than just talk. We want to provide a friendly forum for discussion but we also to be an instrument of change in Britain and the world.

In line with this goal, The Sekforde does not exist to enrich any one individual. Its profits are all donated to the Sekforde House Trust which is our educational charity. It will offer scholarships in the form of money and accommodation to students each year. Our criteria for scholarship selection will always be the same: academic or other excellence; financial need; a real desire and ability to change the world for the better. The hope is that the Sekforde Scholars will form a community of leaders who will collaborate with each other throughout their lives to enrich the world.

We are particularly interested in collaborating with or aiding educational institutions and will always welcome any ideas or proposals as to how we can help, whether that be through the use of our facilities and spaces or in a more active role.