‘Plates come piled high, a huge Yorkshire pudding as steady a tightrope walker on top of pink slices of meat, a bed of greens and potatoes crispy and browned and smelling of rosemary. Better yet, it’s the sort of pub you’ll want to spend all afternoon in after finishing up. ‘

 – David Ellis, Evening Standard

Is there a better pleasure that enjoying a homemade Sunday Roast and nice glass of red wine with friends and family? During its first yea, the reputation of The Sekforde Sunday roast has spread throughout London. Last year, The Evening Standard paid us a visit and they put us third on their list of Best Roasts in London. Although we think they got it wrong by a couple of places.

Every week we have different home-made desserts, amazing sides, delicious wines and great coffee. It is a perfect venue for small and large groups and we have lots of space for private parties, come in and try it for yourself!